Books & Breakfast in Lent

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cover image of Scott Bader-Saye book Formed by Love

Once in a while we get together to eat some breakfast and enjoy some lively conversation about a book we've read in our "Books & Breakfast" Series.

On two Saturday mornings in Lent we will gather for breakfast and discussion of the book Formed by Love, by Scott Bader-Saye. This book is part of a series designed for church book groups from the Episcopal Church USA, called "Church's Teachings for a Changing World."

This short book divides neatly into to sections:

a) “Big Questions” such as ‘How to be Happy (and Good)’, ‘How Not to Follow the Rules’, and ‘How to Find the Good in Others’

b) “Daily Practice” such as Praying, Working, Eating, Playing, and . . . Praying

From the Preface:

In a changing and sometimes frightening world, the church brings good news: being 'formed by love' is at the heart of both what the world needs and what God offers. Everything the church does can be measured by this standard. Our worship, our parish life, our organizational structures, our outreach and good works are only good to the extent that they take the form of love and launch us toward blessing. This book can be read as an exploration of what it looks like to be a people propelled by love's velocity.

For a preview of the book check out Formed by Love on Google Books.

An invitation to 1) register to get the book; 2) read in advance; and 3) join the conversation on the Saturdays of March 23 and April 6 from 9:30-11:30 at St Matthias to eat and talk together!

Cost is $25 for the book and the breakfasts. 20 books are on order so to get in on this please contact the church office to register: ... 780-487-0324

Wednesday Supper & Service

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St Matthias church bell

On the first Wednesday of the month all are invited to a Supper & Service -- supper is available to be enjoyed on the house from 5:30-6:30, whenever you arrive. At 6:30 till about 7:15 we will gather in the church for a Service of the Word...