• Diocesan Administrator: The Very Rev. Alex Meek

    • We ask your prayers for Dean Alex as she takes care of our Diocese in preparation for the election of a new Bishop.  Please pray for the electoral synod, the discernment process and all of the candidates. 
  • Interim Priest-in-Charge: The Rev. Dr. David Pickett:

    • David began as our interim priest in June of 2021.  A three-time graduate of Huron University College, he was ordained in 1989 in the Diocese of Huron and over his 30+ years as a priest he has served in rural, small town, suburban and downtown city parishes in Huron, Niagara and Calgary as Rector, Regional Dean, Canon and Archdeacon.  David has two grown children and is anticipating becoming a grandfather in Septermber 2021.  He is engaged to be married to The Rev'd Renee Desjardins of St. David's here in Edmonton. 
  • Associate Priest: The Rev. Joanne Webster:

  • Filipino Anglican Congregation Priest-in-Charge: The Rev. Dr. Eric Kregel:

  • Honorary Assistant: The Rev. Paul Bachmann

  • Lay Readers: Stacey Buffie, Dawn Ritz

Ministry Staff

  • Office Manager: Tracey Ross:

    • Tracey is the primary administrator for the office, managing Facility Bookings and coordinating the involvement of the many people who participate in Sunday Services, Coffee Hosting, and other events. During COVID-19 office hours will vary so please be in touch by email or phone to the church office.
  • Music Director: Evan Thomas:

    • Our Music Director, planning and coordinating musical initiatives such as the Music Collective, and leading Sunday morning music.  We look forward to Evan's return to us in September 2021 after his sabbath leave. 
  • Sunday School Coordinator: Tracey Ross:

    • In addition to her work as Office Manager, Tracey also coordinates our Spark Sunday School programming, and is our principal teacher for kids grades 1-6.
  • Treasurer: Nancy Sinclair:

  • Parish Archivist: Carole Belamisca

  • Altar Guild: Nancy Clark; Dawn Ritz

Vestry & Churchwardens

  • The members of Vestry are elected by the congregation at the Annual General Meeting of the Parish held in the early part of each calendar year. The purpose of Vestry is to attend to the overall health of parish life, from worship to community-building to the building itself. Vestry members are elected for a two-year term. Current Vestry members for 2021 are: Dony Alex, Kathy Carlson, Marilyn Firmston, Angela Heath, Jonathan Kidmesen, Val Nathanson, Dawn Ritz, Cecilia Sibayan, Nancy Sinclair, Bonnie Woolnough
  • In addition, the Vestry is comprised of the clergy of the parish and the Churchwardens:
    • Darlene Rannells (Rector's Warden):
    • Shirley Combden (People's Warden):
    • Doug Aird (Assistant Warden):
      • The Parish Corporation is comprised of the Rector of the Parish along with the Rector's and People's Wardens. The Corporation gives particular attention to the day-to-day operations, financial and physical, of the church. It is responsible to the Vestry.