Our aim at St Matthias is to be a people who are "Following Jesus, Serving People" together as we try to follow Jesus' command to love God and love our neighbours as ourselves. As we gather to worship, pray, and encourage one another in faith and friendship week by week, we are encouraged in our common faith in Christ. As we seek to hear and to follow Christ's way in the world, we are propelled to go out in the power of God's Spirit to serve people in our various places of work, in our homes, in our communities.stained glass window of the Chapel of the Good Shepherd at St Matthias

St. Matthias is a parish of the Diocese of Edmonton in the Anglican Church of Canada. We use both the main prayer books of our communion: the Book of Common Prayer at our 8:30am service and the Book of Alternative Services at 10:00am. We seek to draw from a variety of musical traditions in worship and to allow the Christian tradition to shape our imaginations and actions in a faith engaged with the world.

During the 10:00 service there is a program for children, using curriculum from Illustrated Children's Ministry. The children are called together for a gathering prayer, and then carry a Bible and candles representing the Light of the Word of God out for the lesson, returning in time to share in Holy Communion as a whole congregation.

There is plenty of opportunity to become involved at St Matthias in various ways, or just to be present. Either way, we welcome you to join with us to explore your faith, to ask questions, to seek God's wisdom in "Following Jesus, Serving People."