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postcard Books Breakfast advert

Once in a while we get together to eat some breakfast and enjoy some lively conversation about a book we've read in our "Books & Breakfast" Series.

Our book for Saturday November 4 is a short book by Lauren Winner titled A Word to Live By, which is part of the Episcopal Church's new series "Church's Teachings for a Changing World". From the publisher's blurb: "Bestselling author, scholar, and priest Lauren Winner introduces the story behind the Scriptures and invites readers to engage the Word of God with curiosity and confidence. Rich with content and grounded in Episcopal tradition, A Word to Live By is filled with Winner's trademark combination of humor, authenticity, and rich insight."

It would be great to have your voice added to the mix on Saturday November 4 as we gather from 9:30-11:30 at St Matthias to eat and talk together!

Cost is $20 for the book and the breakfast. 20 books are on order so to get in on this please contact the church office to register: ... 780-487-0324