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Books & Breakfast postcard Nouwen book on Aging for June 16

Once in a while we get together to eat some breakfast and enjoy some lively conversation about a book we've read in our "Books & Breakfast" Series.

The Rev. Joanne Webster (Associate Priest at St Matthias, and Chaplain at Canterbury Court) will lead us in a conversation on Saturday June 16 on a reflective and instructive book on aging and care by the late Henri Nouwen and Walter Gaffney titled Aging: The Fulfillment of Life:

We are all aging. We are each a spoke on the great wheel of life, part of the ongoing cycle of growth. In Aging, Henri J.M. Nouwen and Walter J. Gaffney share some moving and inspirational thoughts on what aging means (and can mean) to all of us, whether we're in our youth, middle age, or later years. Aging shows us all how to start fulfilling our lives by giving to others, "so that when we leave this world, we can be what we have given." It is a warm, beautiful, and caring book: a simple reaffirmation of the promise of Christ, who by His aging and death brought new life to this world.

An invitation to 1) register to get the book; 2) read in advance; and 3) join the conversation on Saturday June 16 as we gather from 9:30-11:30 at St Matthias to eat and talk together!

Cost is $20 for the book and the breakfast. 20 books are on order so to get in on this please contact the church office to register: ... 780-487-0324